Thursday, June 22

Not too close, please!

This arrived the other day from Social Services. I cant say Im very pleased about having it on the car, after all it does somewhat advertise things a bit. But as people are always parking too close to the back of the car it can be awkward and they dont know any better. When Im on my own I cant actually get my chair in the back I have to do it all from the drivers side, but when we are out as a family then my husband slings it in the back. Now I thought very long and hard about this, and where to put it. Infact I can be truly honest and say thet I was guilty of dithering over the best location for such a sticker. Really, if I was being true to myself I should have stuck it on the drivers door as this is where I need the extra space, but truthfully I cant bear seeing it half a dozen times a day. I dont need reminding thanks. So no, not a highlight in my life. Double click on the image to see a bigger version.

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