Thursday, April 13

Bank Holiday Blues

Given the events of the last week, it seemed only fitting that I should end it all with a really good kidney and UT infection. I thought Id just about managed to head it off, but as usual I seem to miss nothing at the moment. I woke up at 2 am in real agony, and wondering if I may or may not need to pee and should I just watch tv instead? It was a miserable night, one in which you just want the daylight to appear. Luckily I got an emergency appointment with my GP who of course saw me straight way without even a suggestion that it wait until next week. I now have a course of super strength antibiotics for the next week and naturally they may give me a bad stomach as well. Being a Bank Holiday its only right that I will be ill for at least another 3 days and therefore totally unable to participate in the usual Easter activities. Its no wonder Im feeling just a bit irritated by now!

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