Friday, June 9

The Return of Coco the Clown!

I'm sure somewhere hidden in my family background must be a whole line of circus entertainers. For it seems that I spend most of my life falling up, down, on, off, in, out and over things. I am destined to spend my waking hours either on my backside or back gazing up at the ceiling. Yesterday I managed to do a wonderful flip over and out of my chair, hitting my head horribly as I did so. Don't ask me how it happened I couldn't tell you. All I can say I was there one minute and on my back the next. I hit the bit of bone behind your ear against the corner of a brick wall in our kitchen. I think I may have been knocked out for a few seconds, certainly I felt very dazed, confused and doddery. The side of my head felt as if it had exploded, and I was certain I was dead. My God did it hurt! After a few minutes I managed to right myself, and had a bit of a snivel, then I wondered what I should do, Should I go to work, stay home or maybe the hospital? Unlike me I actually felt too dazed to know what to do for the best so I tearfully called my long suffering husband who insisted I go to hospital. Anyway once I could string a sentence together again I called an ambulance and we took a gentle ride to Hexham.

When I got there I didn't wait very long.... they knew it was me! I got an x-ray of the side of my head,it was still there, and a bit of blood from my ear was cleaned up. I was allowed to go home late afternoon and arrived tired and tearful nursing a concussion and a perforated eardrum about 5pm. Time for a long rest this w/e I think!

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