Sunday, April 2

Wheelchair Gardening

Ever done any wheelchair gardening? Believe it or not neither have I, but with spring now sprung, I intend to give it a go. Im not sure I could actually manage to dig up the beds but I can certainly plant things and do some weeding for sure. One of my projects for this week is to get into pots some of my vast hoard of poppy seeds that I have been collecting for some time and see if I can get them to germinate. Not many people know that I have a huge collection of different types that I have stolen from other gardens over the years!! As Im now a bit conspicuous I dont really see myself popping into someone elses garden much these days, so Id better get about growing my own.


  1. Angela06:26

    Gardening also comes to people of a certain age! How about getting one of you odd job men to build you some raised beds, that would make life alot easier for you to get your hands dirty.

  2. stephanie00:33

    I am getting my hubby to put up window boxes along the railings of my front deck/ramp. That way I will be able to reach them!

  3. Anonymous10:25

    An aluminum 8 foot telescope pole with a scraper attachment (Home Depot - paint dept) works great for weeding ground planters. The telescope pole is threaded so you can use it for other attachments too (paint rollers, dusters, car wash attachments...) For harvesting veggies attach an empty soup can to the pole with a V-cut in the top. Works great for also picking tomatoes, plums and even blackberries and other similar fruits.