Monday, July 24

The Car

I have quite a few modifications on my car to allow me to drive safely and effectively. The main one being the hand control adaptation. Its really a simple lever attached to the brake and throttle and is dead simple. Its so good I'm just automatically used to it which is good if you are in the car with me I suppose. The disadvantage is that it does make my fingers ache but I guess that will improve with time.
I also have handy device on my seatbelt called a CG lock. This was first designed for racing cars, off roaders and the like, but it has increasingly been used for 'special needs' driving. One of my biggest problems has been sitting up straight over the steering wheel, I tend to hunch over it the longer I'm driving. The CG lock attaches to your seatbelt and works by holding you really firmly in your seat, somehow forcing you to sit up better. To be honest I'm not sure how it works but it does for me and Id recommend it.
The other issue I have about driving is how to get petrol? Some suggestions were that I should 'Honk' at petrol stations, then I could always get my husband to do it for me, or I could get out myself and do it (hazardous) but finally I was told about 'ServiceCall'. This is a brilliant little invention that in my previous life Id noticed but never knew what it was. Next time you are getting petrol see if there is a little orange wheelchair logo and a servicecall sign. Its an infra red remote control that I point at the receiver. This sounds an alarm inside and someone pops out to put some petrol in the car. How easy is that? I think its a great invention as I can get attention without having to sound my horn and having the whole world stare at me. As I get stared at enough anyway this makes life a whole lot less uncomfortable.


  1. So... I pull into the garage with my new shiny Servicecall, I point it at the sensor and press the button. I see the cashier leap about a mile in the air and start to look around the place. She looks at the till, the computer the fire alarm, she goes and comes back with a male staff member. I press the button again, they execute a perfect leap in unison! They both examine the Till, the computer the alarm etc etc and then make a phone call. An older male staff member arrives. I press it again! Syncronised leapings ( a new olympic sport is born?)they all start to do the examining thing. Every piece of hardware in the place gets an ear pressed to it!

    By this time I am in both fits of laughter and desperation for petrol so I give up, hit the horn and wave my Blue Badge, after a few hoots the older man comes out, he isn't pleased. " Can you just wait please we have some kind of alarm going off in there!"


  2. bubbleandsqueak09:39

    thanks for the laugh that would be somthing to watch