Monday, July 3

Too Damn Hot!

Isn't it just? What is it with Britain? Its July and either we are boiling or the central heating is on. Anyway while most of you are running around with very little clothing on spare a thought for those of us who are stuck being unable to regulate our own body temperatures. Its a real issue and affects many many individual who have spinal/neurological conditions. What happening with me is that my body starts to get hot and then sends the signal to the brain. In theory your brain then sets off the 'cool down' message. Trouble is with me, the signal doesn't actually get to my brain very well. So its sort of getting only half a message. This means that I can sit in my great glass fronted office and not realise its like an oven until someone tells me. I do know I'm hot in that if its 30 degrees outside it stands to reason its hot inside. The worse thing is when you have one of those lovely cooling breezes so you forget its as hot as it is. I have a thermometer and a fan now but even so its a hard balance to get right.

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