Wednesday, September 13

Black Eye

Im currently sporting a very nice looking black eye. I got this last night as I was getting into the car. You know when you are tired, you end up doing stupid things, and I guess thats compounded when you are disabled. Actually I admit to having quite a few bruises which I usually get from getting my chair in and out of the car. Thats what happened last night. After dragging around doing shopping for hours on end, well it seemed like it anyway, we finally got back to the car. My husband put the shopping in the boot and my son got in himself. Hes good like that these days. So I went about getting me in. Now when you're tired, judgement just goes awry doesnt it? So I sat in the car, pulled my chair in, and didnt quite get it right, and THWACK, caught my eye socket with the corner frame of my chair. Fuck I said pretty quietly as it hurt a lot. A little voice echoed ook ook from the back seat. Funny I didnt know we had a parrot!!
Now I have a lovely marble sized lump below my eye and a blue bruise to go with it. Looks like my husband has thumped me which I find extremly embarrassing. Note to self.... Stop swearing, theres a parrot in the family!

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