Sunday, September 3

My Piano

At this point in my life it sometimes seems better to let old habits go rather than cling on to things I used to do. Cycling is something I've always absolutely loved, and its one of the few things I miss dreadfully. It has been suggested to me by lots of people that I could use a hand cycle, but you know I just don't fancy it, it wont be the same so its time to let it go, for me anyway. But its also a good time to pick up old forgotten skills, one of these is playing the piano. I've wanted a piano for years but either lived somewhere too small, or just never got round to it. So a few months ago, someone did a small kindness for me, well, actually rather large one. My husband was out with a friend and just in passing conversation he mentioned he had a piano and would we like in on 'permanent' loan? Well of course I did and didn't mind if it was an old plinky plonky thing, just enough to bang out a tune. And lets be honest I'm not going to be great with the pedals so that's neither here nor there. We arranged delivery and when it arrived I was utterly amazed to find this lovely piece in our living room. Its a fabulous walnut with really beautiful grain, and a decent tonal quality. I love it. So I'm working on Great Balls of Fire at the moment. I will never play it well as my hands are too small, but my guess is if I play fast enough no one will notice.

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