Saturday, September 2

Queens Hall

The Queens Hall in Hexham is the best place to eat by far and also has excellent disabled access, that is apart from Sundays. We went a couple of weeks ago thinking it would be the idea place to take some rellies for a meal. Good service, great selection, huge portions, good prices, could you ask for more? Only trouble was when we got there we found the main entrance locked and the only way in was up a BIG step and a slope. The Chef there came out and groveled at my feet in a mortified manner, I wasn't too pleased either. It seems that the management had decided as a security measure not to open the main entrance. A stroke of genius what?! Given that its the best place to go in Hexham, its always full of people with access needs, parents with buggies, the elderly, blind, and so on and so on. So of course why not on a Sunday either? After much apologising 2 strong men dragged me up the step and into the cafe. Oh the indignity of life, its never ending. But there was no point in shouting at them, so I waited until the next day. The following morning I rang up and blasted the director, loud and long on the phone. I pointed out he had certain duties under the DDA, he paused, then he apologised and then he sweated down the phone. Assurances were forthcoming, this will never happen again. And has it? No. The main door is now fully open every Sunday. So to recap the final score, Me 5, Queens Hall 0.

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  1. A security measure? Oh please. As if the Hexham crowd goes out robbing and blowing things up after church.