Monday, September 4

Dont touch

I was out doing some shopping yesterday and we called in at Pets at Home to pick up some vital dog stuff. Anyway our son was entranced by the small animals there and so were many other children as well. A lady struck up a conversation with us as her son and mine were chatting together, when I realised she was patting me on the back, what Im public property?!! I just thought to myself 'this woman is touching my back, what on earth for?' Was she a) feeling sorry for me as a disabled parent b) trying to empathise, or c) just a sort of touchy feely sort of person?
Im not sure, I was just a bit taken aback. I dont want to think bad of people but I have very big area of personal space around me, talk about arms length, just stay away from me!!! I heard that people tend to invade personal space around wheelchairs but this is the first time Ive experienced it.

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