Monday, September 11

Painting and Decorating

I just decided to do it. Thats it I really flipped, I was determined that by the end of the day I would have the dining room as good as finished if it killed me. Well it nearly did I suppose. I spent all day Saturday painting and painting and painting. With a brush taped to a broom handle I did the top and then with a roller the bottom of the walls. Finally I sat on the floor scraping at the skirting boards. And Im pleased to say its looking pretty good. With just a little touch up here and there its done.
So Sunday I followed this up with strimming the garden after all the rain we have had. You see Im Superwoman. Ive found out I can strim the grass but Icant manage to sweep it up. Suppose its a differnet actions or something. But Im pleased with the results.

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