Monday, September 11

Welcome to Ostrich World!!!

Beady eyed and evil is how I would describe Ostrich's. They look at you with such malice its just as well there is a high fence between you and it, otherwise I'm sure it would take great plesure in stamping you to death. Having said all that, and despite the Ostrich associations, Eden Ostrich World is a great place to visit. Well, if you are a disabled mummy of a 2 year old it is. I spend quite a bit of thought trying to come up with user friendly places to take my son. Its not easy as at 2 he is too old for me to pick him up and beat him into submission, but too young to be totally cooperative, but we are working hard on that one.
Anyway if you find yourself near Penrith with fractious small children this is the place to go. First of all I have to say its pretty much totally accessible for me, Id really be nit picking if I found fault as every effort has obviously been made. Its basically a children's farm based around the theme of Ostriches, Emus and their relations. There are also a lot of rabbits, other kinds of birds, a zebroid, horses, and pets corner which is an eclectic mix. You can see the sheep being milked at 2 pm as well, how exciting is that?!. For the children there are endless play areas, slides, swings, things to climb on and best of all, tricycles and mini tractors to ride on. My son spent the whole day on a tricycle going round in a loop. With me chasing up behind him, roaring 'I'm coming to get you' and he squealing in delight we must have made a very funny pair for other parents. Just in case its raining there is also a full size indoor area. Really paradise for kids and parents alike. With a good cafe and decent sort of shop, for a family day out its really great. Just keep an eye for those beady ostriches though!

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