Sunday, September 17

Where to shop?

I find that I do the majority of my shopping in supermarkets and shopping malls. This isn't particularly a matter of choice for me, more a matter of where I can park, and that I can get into the shop rather than having to sit and look at a 4 inch step, which I don't do well if at all. So as a consequence I spend a disproportionate amount of time in Tesco, Morrisons and Asda. I cant say I'm fond of any of them really, and if access was better elsewhere I wouldn't use them half as much. But last week I went up to Morrisons to get something for my lunch and dinner. Now suddenly I remembered why I don't like Morrisons much. When I was Ab'd we used them a lot and you take for granted that you can use the same shops when you are disabled. However as I trundled round, I realised just how bloody cluttered Morrisons is from my point of view anyway. They basically crowd as much floor space as they can with goods. This means that the aisles always have free standing baskets selling stuff that you have to get round, also at the end of aisles too. The shelves seem to be a little bit higher as well and a bit closer together which means its harder to get a full view of the store and harder to find what you want. In fact its very hard work for wheelchair users. The whole store is so bloody cluttered!! No one thinks about this kind of thing do they? I know they are only interested in profit but a little thought does go a long way. Shopping in Morrisons? No, best avoided I think.

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