Wednesday, September 20

Blink of an Eye

I have deformed knees.... Apparently, and come to think of it if you saw me standing up you'd notice. Of course that's a rare event indeed these days, but it may well be to my advantage. I'm actually hypermobile which means that my knees over extend backwards a bit. I was often teased at school about it, but these days it could be a good thing. I have a bit of a trick whereby if I hold on to something, I can pull myself up and stand to reach a thing out of the cupboard for instance. This must be to do with the laws of physics I suppose as my knees lock further back than normal, making me actually more stable than most people. I did this quick trick in Tesco last week. It was early in the morning and I wanted something I couldn't reach so instead of going off for 5 minutes to ask someone to get it for me I thought. "1,2,3..I can do this".. And up. Normally I don't do this in public as it can quite often end in disaster and I like to avoid public humiliation if you get my drift, but this time it was fine. It must have taken me a second or 2 to get what I wanted, but in that blink of an eye I caught sight of the store from 5 feet up not 3. God Id forgotten what the world looks like. The brain has a remarkable capacity for adjusting to circumstances and forgets conveniently what it wants to.

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