Thursday, October 26


Oh I don't have any cravings I keep telling everyone..... OK right lets see what Ive eaten today... A litre of V8, a jam doughnut, a bag of potato triangles, a cheesy dipper thing, a bag of chestnuts, some ice cream ( not much), 2 biscuits, a yogurt, a packet of mints.
As you can see I'm really into healthy eating at the moment!! The main problem is not that I have a big craving for anything, more like I don't fancy much at all, so its pick, pick, pick. A bit of this, that, or the other and not much of anything. I actually lost weight the first time around.
I am getting heart burn though which is new to me. I think its a combination of eating crap (shame on me) but also I'm sitting and so as Hersh minimus gets bigger, its pushing up inside of me squashing my stomach upwards. I have to admit its quite horrible, feels like a dagger plunged into my heart and out my back.....oooooooo:(
So far though its been OK. I'm starting to notice a few things mainly to do with my own mobility. I'm finding slopes a bit more awkward to push up, they require that bit more effort, and getting in and out of the car is more like hard work to. Ask me in another 3 months and you will probably find me lying on the sofa being waited on by my husband!

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