Wednesday, November 1


One of the huge advantages to being disabled... oh yes of course.... is free car tax!! Today I got mine for the first time amazingly. What happens is once its been decided you are disabled enough to qualify you get sent a funny yellow certificate which allows you to tax one car free of charge for a year. It has taken me months and months and months and even more months to get my certificate which means Ive had to pay when I shouldn't. I phoned them, asked for a form to request a form... and then was told they hadn't got my request for the right form, and so on. I don't know why you just don't get one sent out automatically.
Anyway the advantage for me is I unashamedly drive a large 4 x 4 with a big engine so no incentive for me to get a little car. But anyway don't get me started on that one. Its a funny thing actually, I feel a bit self conscious going into the post office to get it. Like of course I'm so inconspicuous, especially round here. Funny thing is it makes me feel like a real fraud......perhaps its the concept of claiming some sort of benefit I don't like. Its not that I'm proud but I feel its for other people not for me. get over it woman!!!

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