Monday, January 4

Crap Isn't it?

Lets be honest her for a minute. When you think about it, disability is crap isnt it, and by the time you have experienced it you know how crap it really is, I mean it's probably much crapper than you first thought. Why am I saying this? Well at the moment, this very second as I write, we have been trapped in the house for 6 days, and its likely to be another 6. I send my husband out to plod around in the thick ice that is everywhere and make crunchy footprints in the increasingly crunchy deep snow. Our car is parked on our neighbours drive and he walks over and gets lifts to town in their super 4x4. I peer out the window and curse, gone are the days when I think how lovely it is, all I can see is the ice and bloody hell its so thick hes tried breaking it up with a hammer. It takes a lot of banging I can tell you. There will be no shopping, no post and the boys wont have school as we cant get them there and the bus cant get to us. Its more than a tad inconvenient. Its horrendously cold and our boiler is almost out of fuel. No oil delivery for us though, the tanker can't make it.
So I feel that this disabled lark is all totally too much and at times like this I feel a bit low in spirits, Id like to take the dogs out for a long crisp walk, feel the crunch under my feet and my lungs protest at the cold. Wheels just dont do it no matter how you try, Im too paronoid about all the things that could happen. So wuss that I am, I stay inside and feel like Ive turned into my grandmother. Perhaps I should get a sledge for next year and throw caution or myself to the wind.

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