Monday, January 1

A Social Whirl...............

The week before Christmas I was invited out, on my own for evening entertainment. How amazing was that? I mean, I never ever ever get asked anywhere. I think without a lie its at least 3 years since I did anything like this, and it could be nearer 4. I get the feeling that once you have a disability, certainly something obvious, society seems to think that you are forever in mourning and that you wouldnt want to enjoy yourself and any sense of humour went along with your loss of function.

But amazingly I was asked along to a bowling and curry evening at work. WOW, when did I have a curry? 3 years ago? Yes I think so and as for bowling well I did 10 pin bowling in a former life, and thought it was a lot of fun.
So I turned up and we split off into 2 groups for 'games'. Although no one had ever played before so you can imagine the games were more of a case of who can get the bowl to stay on the green as opposed to anything serious. So it was pretty hilarious to say the least and I enjoyed it more than I can say, I really laughed which is such a good feeling. Mind you I was at a slight disadvantage as I couldn't lean over enough to place my bowel so it mostly fell out of my hand with more of a bang. Still, didn't matter it was the fun that counted.
We then went on for curry. Apart from the blip of having an unforeseen step to get in, it was a nice place with good food. I had a bad bout of gluttony and stuffed myself stupid, having an onion bargee to start with as well as an enormous quantity of poppadoms and pickles. Then I went on the have nan bread and a chicken malay which is a mild thing with fruit. Definatly a case of eyes bigger then stomach I must admit. In fact combined with the baby I was so full I could scarcely push myself back to the car and had to be helped up a dropped kerb!! Embarrassing!! But I have to say there is nothing better than good company, lots of food and decent conversation to cure the winter blues. And as for bowling.... Oh yes count me in, I'm up for it anytime!!!

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