Sunday, February 25

Going down to Liverpool

Lets have a day out in Liverpool said my husband. Hes Liverpudlian so the pull is strong, he needs that regular fix of the Mersey, Liver Building and Scouse accents. Sounds good to me, I like going to Liverpool , its transformation over the last decade has been fantastic, and there are still lots of things I haven't been to, or explored.
So we took a swift drive down the M6. Now, I have this rather bad driving habit that I must try to stop in that I jam my foot on the accelerator at the right speed on motorway journeys and just bounce down the M6. It works quite well usually as there is very little in the way of traffic, and if I'm going north on the M74 its even better. I was rather absentmindedly flying along when at Preston, the cars started to bunch together, meaning I needed to break quite quickly, The thing is Id forgotten how to do it, for a second my mind was a blank and I thought Id use my foot as Id forgotten I just don't drive that way anymore! So I thought in my head it was going to happen but of course it didn't, so for a split second my stomach churned before I braked with the hand controls. Bad bad habit, I must try to stop doing this when going a long way.
Anyway we headed for the Albert Dock and had a little stroll round. Despite being cobbled throughout its not badly done and most of it is accessible without any help, just take it nice and steady and you wont get your wheels stuck. We had morning coffee in the Tate Gallery and then strolled back to the car. It was a nice day and spring felt as though it had arrived. We headed off to the Bold St area which being on a hill meant I needed more of a hand, but we found a good Chinese restaurant to eat in and stuffed ourselves silly. The highlight of the day was I'm sure a trip to the Disney store which thrilled my son and he bought some Winnie the pooh characters. All in all Liverpool is pretty wheelchair friendly. It helps that with City of Culture 2008 only months away all the buildings are being nicely converted so they are fully accessible. Worth a visit sometime soon Id say.

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