Tuesday, February 6

Feeling Crap!

OK, the reason I haven't posted much over the last few days is that I'm feeling utterly awful!!! I don't really want to go on a huge moan, because if I do you'll stop reading, but take it from me, things are not all great with me in the physical world. As if to prove the point its now 5.30 am, Ive been up and hour and a half and had about 4 hours sleep. looking back there is a pattern to this over the last 4 months. I get this terrible cough during the first week of the month and as I'm getting bigger and more pregnant so it gets worse each month. So Ive decided to apply for a care assessment from social services as I really do need some caring for. I'm a very stubborn person which has kept me going for sometime now, but I'm admitting defeat. My husband with the best will in the world cannot be the all singing, smiling, caring, wonderfu,l fantastic, superdad and husband all the time, its not possible. So we shall see what we shall see, if I don't get it at least I will have tried.

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