Tuesday, February 6

My House

Hmmmmm this blog is looking a bit miserable, so we need a picture or 2. Anyway not sure if Ive done this before but here's a photo of our house in the spring, to remind us that hopefully its not too far off. Its only of the main building because we have attached on the right hand side a couple of storerooms, and then across from the main a couple of out houses which I don't frequent. Over all its fairly user friendly in that because of its age everything is done on a low scale. Yes we do have stairs but they are few and shallow, the ceilings are low, meaning I can help with decorating and the gardens not overly enormous or high maintenance. The only thing Id like to change is the entrance. We currently have 3 low steps to get up which sounds a lot, but when I'm fit and able isn't too bad. But really Id like to ramp it all just to make life that bit easier. The main problem is apart from cost is that I'm likely to need planning permission and Tynedale, being the draconian council they are, they who never ever give planning permission for anything unless its in Hexham are very likely to say no. So I think its a battle I might put off til next year.

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