Sunday, February 25

Trying to get things done.

Do you ever have times when you are dealing with an organisation with a simple request and no one seems to be awake enough to help you out? For the last 2 weeks Ive been trying to order some push handles for my Tilite. Not rocket science or brain surgery, Oh no, So.... how hard can this be?
I sent an email to Tilite in the US who told me to contact Gerald Simmons in Aylesbury who is their dealer here. So I phoned them and explained what I wanted. But I needed the chair serial number, had to go and find it and called back 2 days later. No answer so I left a message, but no one called me back. Eventually I called them again to find that the first guy was on holiday, so I spoke to someone else. Gave her the serial number, she went off and then called me back to say she didn't have a record of the number. That's because I got the chair from the US, but she never asked me. Anyway does it matter, I mean I want a standard bit of slot in equipment here, its off the shelf stuff, not something that someone has to go off and make for goodness sake. Meanwhile Ive e mailed Tilite again as I guess Gerald Simmons will have to get them from the US anyway, so I might as well go direct. ARGHHHH!!! Don't you just hate this sort of thing? I just want some push handles BEFORE the baby arrives and not 6 months afterwards. Customer service, what, where?!!!

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  1. Cases like this is exactly why I'm in the process of starting my own medical supply company. I've had nightmaes trying to deal with companies when ordering things. I've even had one very well known company send me a box of latex gloves when they were told I was allergic to latex and could die from having it around me! If I was alone when I got the things I had ordered I would have opened the box, inhaled the powder that escaped from the gloves into the air and died if I couldn't get to a phone and get someoen there fast! When we called them to let them know they didn't even offer a simple apology! So much for customer service! Good luck with the push handles!