Monday, February 12

Not my Day

Speaking of catching those Zzzzzzzzzz's I should have stayed in bed today. You know how some days you realise its just not your day? Well today has been a bit of one of those.
Firstly I fell over while transferring into the car. Its slippy outside from all the snow and rain we've had over the last few days and I suppose it was just fate. Whoops over I flew, landed on my back, and lay there arms outstretched staring at the sky. The worst bit being that I caught my knee on the underside of the car and yanked my kneecap up. OMG how much did that hurt?!!!! As Ive said before I have very sensitive knees (Odd I know!) so I lay on my back with tears streaming down my face with the sudden pain, my head in a patch of nettles and my backside covered in mud! After a few minutes this gave way to general hysteria as I laughed and cried at the same time. Believe me you don't know what to do first on occasions like this!!! My knee looks red, and purply bruised but I don't think there is any lasting damage done.
A couple of hours later I was coming home and thought that my mouth felt funny. Within a second or 2 I realised that my temporary crown was just that, very temporary, and had detached itself from my tooth and was rattling around. I have now a very large, rather sensitive hole, and I have to wait til Friday to have it finished off. Like I said, not my day was it!?

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  1. Barry07:35

    I just happened to search "sensitive knees" amidst a study break on google and your blog came up so I read it. Sorry to hear about your accident, I had a similar one to my knee last weekend, they hurt! Hope you feel better!