Thursday, March 22

Drive Thru

Last week my husband went to an event at the Theatre by the Lake in Keswick. It was at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon and so I had to kill just over an hour to wait for him. Now I ask you what do you do on a grey afternoon in Keswick at this time of day with a 3 year old for company? As I'm even more physically challenged than usual at the moment the options were few, just don't even suggest I try to get out the car ok? Its not worth it! Suddenly that light bulb came on in my brain, PING!, Lets go to Macdonalds in Penrith I thought. Now my son has no concept of MacDonalds, doesn't know what they sell, who they are or even recognise Ronald MacDonald, how lucky am I eh? This is because we live at least 20 miles from one and they are not high on my list of places to go anyway. The other thing is that my son is vegetarian, so that doesn't bode well either. But I admit I had an ulterior motive.......they have a drive-thru!!! To those of us who find walking just a bit of an eensy weensy problemo, drive thrus are a godsend. A great idea. I don't have to even attempt to get out of the car, what a relief! 20 minutes later we were getting 2 ice creams and a happy meal. He eats some of the chips, and has the drink and toy, I eat the burger and some of the chips, and we both have ice cream. We sit in the car park of Penrith rail station watching the Virgin Intercity trains fly by and all is well in the world.

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