Saturday, May 26

Let me carry you

How to carry a baby? Now there's a question. With all the health professionals in the world hopping about offering me help, no one seems to be able to say ' this is a good way for you to carry your baby etc' which is sort of surprising really. Perhaps the assumption is that my husband is my carer and therefore I will never be alone or want to go anywhere with my son without someone helping me. So anyway I have been looking at baby carriers. You know these things you where on your chest with the baby hanging in them? Well it looks sooooo easy I'm ashamed at how I just assumed Id be able to throw him in one and that would be it. Oh no it doesn't work like that, these things are not easy to put on and not easy top get baby into. Currently I'm trying out 2 of them, neither of which Isak likes. He whinges and whines and creates horribly which then makes me feel like a totally hopeless and inadequate mother!! Well I know that's not true but it doesn't help. anyway at this point in time I have yet to take him out on my own although I'm intending to take him for a medical appt next week in Newcastle without assistance. So we shall just have to work on it and I will have to harden my heart to his complaints!


  1. He might still be too young. I think some babies take to the sling/carrier better at 6-8 weeks. And some never do, who knows why... I had one kid who lived in the sling, and one who never wanted anything to do with it. Anyway, I'd say to try a few different models, and you'll know if you find the one that's right for both of you. Good luck! (ooh, and I just saw the post about chicken pox--good luck with that too.)

  2. Hello Lorraine ... in case you have not heard of it, by googling 'baby sling disabled mother' I found:
    which shows a baby hammock which might work for you and Isak.

    best wishes