Saturday, May 5


Disabled toilets should primarily be for disabled people. That's why they are called dis abled toilets as opposed to toilets for everyone. I know when space is at a premium that you sometimes get one or 2 disabled toilets for everyone, or they double up as baby changing places, and that's ok, I don't mind then, but today I was really irritated, and gosh that's so unlike me!

We were doing our food shopping pre baby, getting those last minute things just in case it arrives over the bank holiday, so being in a well known store I said to my husband that Id just pop to the loo. When I got there the door was locked, someone had beat me to it. So I waited. And I waited, and waited and waited. Eventually after about 10 minutes and a lot of noise a woman comes out with 2 children aged Id guess at about 6 and 3 or thereabouts. Now the thing is, this store has a ladies, gents mother and baby room and a disabled loo. There is more than enough space to go into a cubicle with 2 small girls, Ive seen plenty of mothers do it. But no, this woman decided to use the loo that was meant for me. I was so cross, I really should have said something but on reflection it was maybe best that I didn't as I can be too sharp and rude for my own good at times.

What annoys me is that she had a choice to use which loo she could use while I don't , that's the point.

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