Thursday, March 22


You don't, I mean you couldn't possibly... really? well who'd have thought it?
Etc etc, etc, etc.
I don't go a bundle on discussing sex in great detail, after all I think its private between you and your partner. However there is the misconception that anyone with a disability is somehow robbed of something which is a very ordinary but also a necessary part of life. I think a lot of people were surprised that I was pregnant, as if this part of our life was never going to happen again and certainly I wouldn't be able would I? Anyway I was sent a very interesting link to a journal published by an American University. Normally I don't even look at things like this as you can guarantee that 99.999% of the time it is some spam trying to sell me Viagra, but on this occasion I was very surprised.
This is actually a serious journal of the National Sexual Research Center which is part of San Francisco University. It contains all kinds of interesting and thought provoking articles that I would recommend reading whatever your thoughts on this. Normally I just say No I'm not interested, but on this occasion I have to say have a look because you might be surprised. And don't worry its not a sex site!!! LOL!!!!

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