Wednesday, October 5

Touch screens, blessing or curse?

Technology comes up with new things all the time. The latest gadget, improvement and must have usually it seems by Apple who are endlessly telling us about their new and wonderful everythings. I love most of them I have to admit and have been hinting that I would like a Kindle for ages now, but the one thing I find impossible to use is the touch screen facility, which is becoming inconvenient as they are starting to pop up everywhere. I know a lot of people with limited hand function find them fantastic, but I find them impossible as I also have limited feeling in my hands and so my problem seems to be no matter how much I try I cant find the 'button' space on the screen that I should be touching. 
Last week in Waitrose I spent 10 minutes trying to get their scales to print out the number of bread rolls I was buying, No matter how many times I thought I was touching 2, I only got 1, and so eventually I had to meekly ask an assistant to do it for me, who then did it straight away. I curse at my satnav that it will not let me put in the right postcode no matter how often I try to touch the screen, and now there is the 'curse' of phones to deal with. Would I like to upgrade to a touch screen I keep being asked. No I like buttons I say. Touch screens are a bit of a torment for me, along with shirt buttons, small coins, and basically any small lightweight object. I also wrestle with packaging on daily basis but thats a whole new posting. So with each bit of new technology comes a blessing for some people and a curse for others! Remember, buttons are cool.

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