Monday, March 26


Today being a nice sunny spring afternoon, we went over to Vindoland for tea and a look round. Now Vindoland is a very large Roman museum and archaeological site close to Hadrian's Wall. It has 1000s of artifacts on display, and every year the ground yields hundreds more. Most of it is accessible although actual access to the dig is difficult. Given that the whole site is on hillside they have tried hard to put ramps in and make it easy for wheelchairs but in honesty you probably wouldn't want to negotiate some of it on your own. But that's not a complaint just a quirk of geography.
Anyway my husband went off to the loo and when he came back he said, "You know they don't have a disabled loo.... ?" "I know" I replied as Id been looking. "No I mean they have a big loo designated for the 'use of differently abled people', isn't that a good idea? After all the word DIS-ABLED has negative connotations doesn't it?" he said.
See, hes getting the message, slowly but surely my moaning and groaning is paying off as here's another convert to the cause!!!!!

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