Monday, March 26

The Queen of Healthy Eating

Oh yes thats me, healthy eating all the way. Whoops did someone once say there were lies and damned lies.... ( Mark Twain I think)? If only I was, for the truth of the matter is Im far from eating healthily at all. The simple reason being practically everything I eat gives me heartburn and I have no capacity for any amount of food anymore. Im pretty sure this is a result of being sat d0wn as opposed to standing up. Hersh minumus is pushing hard on my stomach at the moment, meaning theres no space for food and Im getting acid reflux despite having shares with Gaviscon. So Im pick, pick, picking at my food. A bite of this, a little of that. Ive eaten more chocolate over the last 2 months than I normally would in a year as Im not that keen on it usually. Still, I think my stomach is about the size a a cream egg right now as thats about all I can eat without feeling full. I can manage a sandwich, a bit of fruit, a biscuit, but a meal? Forget it there just isnt room. Only about 6 weeks to go!

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  1. The best thing I found for heartburn is Rolaids. I get heratburn pretty bad since my sci.

    Also chocolate is really bad for heartburn lol but if your anything like me that's the one thing you'll never give up!