Friday, April 6

The Final Furlong

Well the end is in sight for this pregnancy that's for sure. Only a month to go and for me that's a month too long. Really and truly I have reached a stage of incapacity I have never experienced before. Whats more its not only that I'm unable to do very much but what I can do is very uncomfortable and even painful. Right now I'm thinking of going to bed, only thinking, because I'm at the point whereby my husband pretty much has to do it for me. I cant move enough to get undressed properly, cant get myself into bed, cant turn or get out again. I am getting more and more reliant by the day, which you can guess I really really hate. Obviously I'm a bossy controlling person who likes their own way, so having him put my socks on me isn't my idea of having a say in life. He pretty much has to push me wherever we are going and I can still just about manage the house. Getting in and out of the car is horrible as I cant even get reach my legs enough to get them in in the first place. I feel unwieldy, incapacitated, ungainly and crippled. So, fingers crossed I will at least be getting what control I had back over my body next month. The last few months have seemed like an eternity and I have to admit I felt so fed up I had a bit of a cry about it all today. I mean any able bodied woman feels tired at this stage, but for me, right now I'm absolutely knackered!

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