Tuesday, April 3

Falling without Grace

I fell out of bed last night with an enormous thud! It was my fault I suppose, but I woke up in the dead of night to hear my son crying loud and hard and in my hazy sleep filled head I thought it was a good idea to jump out of bed and go and sort him out..... Of course when you are still 3/4 asleep its easy to forget that I'm very pregnant and actually cant walk either..... so I flung myself out, (how I managed it I have no idea!) and then Whoa..... !!!!...found myself on the floor sitting on my backside accompanied by a very loud bang. "My Ar*e!!!" to put it bluntly!!! Ouch Ouch, Ouch....it hurt, a lot. What is it with me and falling on my backside? Its something I started doing as a child and haven't been able to give up even as an adult. Anyway I sat there for a minute or so, son still crying, and me swearing. My husband coming too groggily, which isn't much fun at 3 am for him!! He tottered out the room and tucked up our little boy again and then came to see if I was OK. I am. Although I have to admit that today, my whole spine has felt very sore and jarred...... so Ive sat around watching trashy TV. Well I have an excuse don't I?!!


  1. What a great blog!!

    I've added a link to it on my blog -


    Keep buggering on!


  2. You have an excuse! That must have hurt.

    I flung myself out of bed week before last when the fire alarm in my hotel went off at 6:00 am - I, too, forgot that I couldn't walk. Annoying.