Tuesday, April 10


My son is 3, going on 33, and manages to be endlessly funny and hopelessly earnest at the same time. At the weekend we had lunch at a lovely organic restaurant and bakery near Penrith. The weather, being the best of the year meant we sat outside, very close to where we had parked. I had somehow managed to bag the best and only disabled parking spot. After eating he got up and walked around a bit looking at the newly installed bike locks and we discussed the signs. There was one of a bike so I told him what this was. He then pottered over to the car and looked at the disabled sign. Whats that for I asked him? He looked at me and smiled. Its you Ma, with your WHEELchair!!!!!! Is it? I replied, being a bit surprised at this sudden insight from one so small, Yes came the answer, its your Wheelchair. He likes to emphasise Wheel!
Its funny because hes never used the word wheelchair before, normally he just calls it my wheels, so I suppose he must have heard someone saying something. Anyway that's me put right, now I know that he sees me as a little stick figure in a WHEELchair!!!

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