Saturday, April 14

R and R

You need to rest..... I need to rest?
Yes, rest that's whats needed. Why not watch all those old films you were planning to catch? said the Physio last week. You see my back and pelvis are definitely not working in harmony together, well not really working at all actually.

But I'm not a resting type of person, so its hard. What this really means is no twisting, turning, unnecessary moving, especially of my lower half, bending, lifting, and so on. Hmmmm nice. So while I'm not exactly confined to bed rest, I'm advised to sit on the sofa and relax. Bored bored bored. I keep thinking, maybe I could just manage half an hour in the garden doing something interesting, or a bit of painting or something else equally as stressful to my body? But fortunately my husband has decided every time he catches me doing something inappropriate I get told off. So how many days to go now..... about 25 or so and counting down.

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