Tuesday, May 29


There seems to be a certain disabled hierarchy which goes something like this. Wheelchair users at the top, then blind, deaf and then learning difficulties at the bottom. There is also an age thing in that older disabled people seem to always think they are more disabled than a younger person with the same disability. Its like a badge of pride to some people believe me, so I often find I'm glared at horribly when I park my car in disabled spaces and then sit for a while. Half of me does it for devilment to be honest. I will often hesitate just a few minutes before producing my badge. Mind you I'm sure some people think I must be using my mothers or grandmothers by the looks I often get. So I shouldn't be surprised or offended by reactions anymore. But you know what? I am, because its ALWAYS older people who give me the evil eye.
This weekend we were parked in the supermarket car park and I was in the car with the children while my husband put the shopping in. Along comes this old guy with his wife and almost kicks our shopping out the way in his efforts to get into his car. No 'excuse me' or just polite waiting for a minute, Oh no, I think as far as he was concerned as we had 2 children there was just no way I should have parked there and he showed it. Later in the day we called at another store and whilst in the shop Isak needed feeding so I went back to the car with him. I was sitting feeding him when this middle aged bloke got out the car and sat in his wheelchair just glaring at me. I mean we are talking evil eye here. I could almost see his assumptions flying out of his head, Im surprised he didn't bore holes in the side of his car he was so blatantly rude. Frankly I wish he had challenged me and then we could have had a nice conversation as to the merits of which wheelchair is best. I think what this shows is that many people assume that younger people with blue badges are either fakers, malingerers or just not entitled to it, when if you look at blue badge abuse as a whole the older generation thinks its fine to use their spouses badge even if they are not in the car, after all its their right isn't it? My blue badge is not my right, I don't particularly want it and wish I didn't but it is one of the few things that have actively improved my quality of life. And yes cripples can have kids, so **** off. Thankyou!

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