Friday, June 1

Car Parking

There are times when you don't know whether to laugh or cry. Id always thought that attitudes were changing but then something comes along and you just feel that you've been banging your head against a brick wall forever.
Take the case of Anthony Steen, MP for Totnes. The esteemed member of parliament parked his car in a disabled parking space at the railway station as the car park was otherwise full, and was surprised to see he had a ticket when he got back. Instead of holding his hand up and admitting he was wrong, he has continued to try to wriggle out of it, making matters worse for everyone.
Said Mr Steen......."It's not a requirement that you provide so much for the handicapped and comparatively insufficient for the un-handicapped. Of course we want to help the handicapped, and of course they've got to be given provisions, but not against the interests of the majority".
Hmmmm let me see. A quick bit of research on the net tells me that there are almost 300 parking spaces and 5 disabled bays. Somehow this doesn't strike me as Over provision. So shame on you Mr Steen you should know better. DONT call me handicapped, its a term that vanished with the last century, and STOP being so patronising. Id suggest tying this man into a large wheelchair for about 10 days and then trying to get from A to B and see if he thinks the same after that. I could say more, I wont, as I think I know when enough has been said.

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  1. Hi There,

    I read your blog and thought you'd be interested in a protest we are holding in central London, next week. I've pasted the details below to give you an idea of what we are doing;

    Disabled Parking Demonstration - Out the Able-Bodied, Feeble-Minded
    We want to inform you about a peaceful demo that’s about to take place (20 June, central London location rife with offenders) that’s happening to SHOW-UP and SHAME all of those arrogant drivers that think it’s OK to park in disabled bays without a blue badge, and to stop them doing it, once and for all.

    This is a small minority of SELFISH people, and it’s about time someone made a noise about it. Whether you know someone who has a blue badge, are a holder yourself… or it simply gets right up your nose – all welcome.

    We, Seabrook, has joined forces with a niche group of London based protesters who have alerted us to their intentions to try and get some attention from the media and the public on this disgraceful practice. They saw our TV adverts, liked what we stand for, and asked for our help.

    The War on Error Has Begun…”you’re in the wrong space, mate”.

    We’re a brand that feels strongly about speaking out – in fact, our strapline is A Right Proper Gobful - so this puts us in a perfect position to support and add our weight to the protest to make it as attention grabbing as possible.
    We have a dialogue with the public, and we can say, with authority, that one of the nations major bugbears is people taking-up blue badge holder spaces – when they shouldn’t be!

    What do you think? Is it about time the able-bodied, feeble-minded be called into question?? Do you feel as passionate about this as us???

    Let us know. Even better, join us in our protest in London on 20th June, in Soho Square, 11am. Call Jane, now, on 07920 047 081 for more info on the demo and materials.