Monday, June 4

Out and about

Over the last few days I have been practising taking Isak out and about and slowly and getting the hang of it. We are using the Baby Bjorn carrier which he seems to really like, its nice and snug fitting and I feel quite confident using it now Ive got the hang of getting him in without fear of dropping him! The main thing Ive noticed is that my centre of gravity has suddenly changed and I'm still rather nervous about pushing myself too fast or bouncing down a step or tackling an incline with Isak on my lap. Its sort of like learning to wheel all over again, a weird feeling. At the moment I'm not sure if I should just go with it and see how it all works out, or if I should move the wheels on my chair slightly. My instinct is to just do some careful practice and see how it works out....Anyway photo to follow.

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