Sunday, June 10

Cool Chair!!!

I was browsing the Fathers Day cards in Tesco the other day, looking for the cheapest I might add!... when someone shouts out to me 'Cool Chair!' I muttered a thanks and rolled off and then stopped in my tracks... you know how you don't aways recognise someone when you see them out of context? Well this was the case now, so my brain went....tick.... tick... tick... oh yes of course how did I not recognise her? It was in fact my GP! We are quite friendly I suppose so she then goes on to say how are you? This makes me smile a lot because surely it must be the worst question any medic can ask, and then we discussed the birth of Isak and made general chit chat. But it made me laugh to myself that I suppose not many people have GPs like that or even have such a nice relationship with them! Having said that Im sure Im one of her more interesting clients.


  1. Mine to a 'T' ... but proper boundaries get in the way of being proper friends. She is a gem. We are a team !

  2. It makes such a big difference when one has a good relationship with one's doctor.