Sunday, June 17

Evil Eye

Last week we went to a local tourist attraction for the afternoon as it was raining so much I kept expecting the Ark to bob round the corner. Anyway this place has very odd parking and not the best facilities for disabled parking either, but God was smiling and despite the car park being full - the whole of Cumbria was there - there was one blue badge spot left, which I got. So we sat there for a few minutes, I was chivying the boys along and thinking Id like it to stop raining just a bit when I noticed an old guy with his wife sitting in their car right next to me. They must have been waiting for the rain to stop as well. The thing is if looks could kill Id be dead, as this bloke was really giving me the evil eye. Honestly he was staring right at me. And I know what he was thinking, Oh yes, how I know because I get it all the time. Wicked looks and stares from older people who assume Ive parked there out of selfishness. Anyway this guy must have had an attack of conscience because when my husband hopped out of the car and got my chair out for me, he wound his window down and started chatting to my son. Oh yes I'm not fooled I know how he judged me and it gets on my nerves.........just a little bit.

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