Friday, June 15


So as you know we have had rain, rain and more rain over the last 4 days. Firstly I have realised that I'm destined to be wet for at least a year as its now impossible to get out of the car with any speed at all, and out of the weather. It goes like this...chair, wheels, me, bag, baby, lock car and go............ by which time I'm soaking. Its one of life's hazards that goes hand in hand with wheelchair use. The options are ridiculous and I'm not going to draw further attention to myself my using some mad looking umbrella thingy, or some cripply looking keep dry clothing. No I will just resign myself to being wet.
Having said that, after sitting in a disabled bay in Tescos for 2 hours in torrential rain, feeding the baby and then deciding there was no point in getting out (my husband was at a meeting) Ive realised this is a wonderful way of checking out blue badges! The authorities should lurk about in torrential downpours and watch all these people who have difficulty walking, park their cars and then run into the shop at top speed. Its amazing the turn of speed an over 70 with a replacement knee can show when its raining. Now remember how far is it you are not supposed to be able to walk in order to get a badge? Its between 50 and 100 m depending on the issuing authority, so amazingly enough they will have done a good 100m dash by the time they've got into the store. Hmmmm not that I'm bitter you understand.

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