Wednesday, June 27

Goodbye Tony, Hello Gordon.

Well we have a new Prime Minister and a disabled one at that. What? said my husband he kept that quiet. Yes I suppose he did didn't he? But our Prime Minister is blind in one eye and pretty much partially sighted in the other. He has to have official document's made up in large print for him and that's why he looks as though hes squinting all the time, and appears somewhat dour. Its actually because he cant see very much, I have it on ministerial authority anyway. So Gordon chose not to make this widely known, although it seems to be by now, why is this I wonder? Was he actively seeking to avoid the stigma of disability or is it something else? Personally I think its pretty much his business, just because you have a disability it doesn't have to define you. I know quite a few people with less obvious disabilities who wouldn't dream of telling people unless really necessary, like sexuality and religion, I don't think its really anyones business, that is unless you want to tell people. So do I think Gordon will bring a better deal for disabled people? I'm not holding my breath for particular action, but what Id like to see myself is more help for people to get back into some kind of work, but at the same time more of a recognition that not everyone is capable of doing a full time job in which they can support themselves or their family. There needs to be a bigger financial safetly net to avoid the lifelong benefits trap. However my real hope, and like the idealist I am, I always feel a surge of renewed optimism for the future, my real hope is that Gordon Brown can keep his integrity when others lose it, can march forward with his convictions as strong as ever ensuring the welfare of this country and bringing about a better and more hopeful future for us all. Personally I have a bit of a soft spot for dour Scotsmen!!!!

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