Monday, June 25


Its very easy to become inward looking and preoccupied with your own state of health. If you're not careful you become a real bore when it comes to chatting to people about yourself. How are you? they ask, and this gives you the nod to launch into a 10 minute speech of how ill you've been, how many hospital appointments you have, how useless the medical profession is and how its all futile because you're going to die anyway. I know people like this, so I try to take inspiration in how not to be. I don't want to be judged by my incapacity, which isn't easy as its sort of obvious. Its not like I have a hidden condition as such, so I cant pretend it doesn't exist. But when I'm asked how I am I'm always fine. Oh yes Id be fine if my head had dropped off! I rarely tell anyone I'm not fine, as most people don't want to know anyway, and those who do, don't want to hear me moaning non stop about some aspect of my life. Of course the irony is that's exactly what I do on this blog. Moan. I can moan for Britain, but then it doesn't matter if I do it here, I just don't want to do it to people I know.

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  1. Ah! What you need is a nice convenient condition to tell people about. After 24 years, I am pretty fit so something small is ideal and my septoplasty (straightening the dividing wall in the nose) was ideal.

    I have just had laser treatment to one eye, and it is great as several people I have met, as soon as they heard, told me all about their experience instead!

    Just be careful when the doctor as how you are; I have a tendecy to say fine and I have not been kicked out yet!