Tuesday, June 5

I want it FLAT!

Ah the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle.... one of my least favourite hospitals in the north of England. Its big, unfriendly, badly designed and the parking.... oh don't get me on the parking. I mean this is a hospital, so chances of getting a disabled bay are minuscule to say the least!

Today was my first outing out and about with Isak, on my own. To be honest Ive been plucking up courage to do this as it seems a huge responsibility and I'm a bit paranoid of falling out of my chair and squashing him!. But its a case of get over it or sit in the house till he can walk which might be a long time, so I made my choice! I have mastered the art of getting him in and out of the car and also got him used to the baby carrier which now seems guaranteed to send him to sleep combined with wheeling around the place. What I hadn't bargained for is the fact that the Freeman is not on a flat site. Now listen here planners, designers and developers, we want it FLAT, FLAT, FLAT, OK?!!!!! Not slightly flat with a steep incline, no, flat should mean flat. The biggest bugbear is that the dropped kerbs are set about an inch high and the pavement drops suddenly by about a foot as you get towards the kerb. This means a. you have to hop up the kerbs and b. change your posture as you go downwards. Now, without baby I'm fine most of the time, with baby, hmmm that's another matter. I'm sure given another month or so but I'm not quite confident enough, after all hes weighing in at 10lb already so having that on your lap feels a bit odd. So rather than topple forward which although it is unlikely, you never know, I sat a minute and then pathetically fluttered my eyes at the next passing bloke, to get him to give me a hand. Well it works every time, after all who can resist my wily charms huh!!!?

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