Wednesday, July 25

Drunk in Charge

Well I'm sitting here having drunk a whole bottle of red wine tonight and Im feeling perhaps just a bit tipsy. Actually I confess that my fingers are slipping off the keys as I write so the spellchecker has a good job to do and I guess you could say I'm ever so slightly drunk in charge of a wheelchair. How I will get to bed is any ones guess but I'm not a great drinker if I'm honest with you. There's no great reason for this, its more to do with the fact that I'm always driving when we go anywhere so I'm out of practice. But let me tell you now, one of the best ways to cheer me up from a bit of gloom is to pour alcohol down my throat, Oh yes I'm a very happy drunk, in fact I'm downright cheerful and even rather giggly. I like the feeling it gives me and I don't tend to have adverse reactions as a rule. And I might add that one of life's advantages these days is that I can drink huge amounts without ever having to run off to the loo as of course I make my own arrangements where that is concerned. Another nice effect of alcohol is that I find its an effective pin reliever and muscle relaxant. Alcohol is definitely my drug of choice, so next time you see me, buy me a drink.... or 4!


  1. Ha ha, I'm a very happy drunk too, even when I drink alone. I even laugh at my own jokes!

    PS. I've added your blog to my blogroll, would you care to reciprocate? No worries if you're not interested.

  2. Yes I will reciprocte gladly, I just need to get round to dealing with all that fiddly html!

  3. Due to the meds that I'm on, I can no longer partake of the brew, but I do miss it...oh yes I do!

    p.s. for some reason I cannot use my blogger I.D....not enough coffee this a.m. ya think? I would also like to add you to my blogroll. I have been reading your blog for days and I'm enjoying every minute of it; thank you.