Sunday, July 15


Northumberland Care trust in their wisdom and desire to save as much money as possible only now fund critical care needs. I'm told on good authority that shopping, and visits to the dentist and doctors do not count as critical care. So we have taken matters into our own hands and i now have a support worker. I share her with quite a few other people who do not require critical care but do need some support with day to day living throughout the week. We all have a certain amount of flexibility which is needed but so far it works quite well. I use her mostly for shopping that I want to do on my own and also for doing anything that may need me to take one of the children with me. It seems that because I'm married it is a given that my husband will just give up his whole life to run around doing everything we need to get done with no help from anyone. I decided I wasn't going to stand for it any more(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) so we have organised our own system of help. I think it works well and perhaps it could for others as well.

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