Saturday, August 18

The Blackwell Arts and Crafts House

However if you want a really nice and accessible day out then head of to the Blackwell Arts and Crafts house near Windermere. My husband had been wanting to go for a while, so it was our wedding anniversary day out. Its set overlooking Lake Windermere and I mean Overlooking it!! The view is fantastic and you can well understand why the wealthy chose this spot 100 years ago to build their holiday homes. Its worth going for the view alone. The house was built at the turn of the 1900s and is a perfect example of the Arts and Crafts/Art Nouveau Style becoming popular then. Similar to the work of Charles Rennie Macintosh, Id say this is actually a better example of the genre.

The house itself is about 3/4 accessible. You cannot see half of the upstairs rooms, this is because the upper floors are built in the mezzanine style with steps up and down all over the place. Having said that, a lift has been installed so you can see a couple of the rooms and exhibitions. All the downstairs rooms are perfectly accessible and offer wonderful examples of the architecture and views of the lake. There is a cafe which while being OK for access would be difficult at busy times. Go on a wonderful day and sit on the terrace instead is my advice. Other bits to think about. Go early and bag the best car parking spot. Don't be stuck in the overflow, and bear in mind that there are some narrowish doorways. I had about 3 inches either side of my chair, so its worth thinking about. I doubt they can do much about this as its an intrinsic part of the house. If you ring and ask first they will measure the door way for you!! Photos of the upstairs rooms are available so I didn't feel hard done by. Over all a great place to visit. They have done everything possible to allow access and at the same time in keeping with the house design. Go and be amazed, have a lovely lunch and chill out. I know I did.

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  1. Anonymous09:18

    Another really good place to go is Holker Hall in the South Lakes. They've got a mobility scooter you can hire (best to ring in advance and reserve it) to use either round the gardens, house or both. The map of the gardens has an accessible route on it. We had a great day out, with none of the usual struggles e.g. pushing round gardens with 10inch thick gravel etc!