Monday, August 27

The Grand Tour

Well we are about the set off on our grand tour of a holiday. This wasn't our intention, it was originally a week in Brittany which has now extended to almost 3 weeks touring Britain to see the relatives and show off the new son. So our itinerary is Kent, France, Somerset, Warwickshire and then home. By which time we will need a holiday to get over the holiday. I know I will! I'm sort of looking forward to it as a change is as good as a cliche but I'm also going to have to run the gauntlet of So what happened to you then... which on the one hand I don't mind, but having said that I'm not keen to have huge medical consultations whereby we discuss the finer points of my medical treatment and prognosis. I get that from the medics in the family as it is. So if anyone is reading this, just take it from me this is as good as it gets!! Seriously I hope a couple of sentences will suffice after all our new son is the one everyone wants to see, I hope and not me.
So there we have it. I'm saying Au Revoir for now. Ill be back mid September with what I guess will be loads to write about so until then KBO!!!!

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