Monday, August 27


Oh Yes, I'm keen on tyres in a big way. Its really a vanity thing I suppose but I try to avoid grey institutional ones if at all possible. So on my 3 sets of wheels I have a pair of blue Kendas. Ive had these for about 4 months, they are my 'summer' and about town wheels and I'm sorry to say are showing huge signs of wear already. Then there are the grey Primo Orions which are chunky greys. I have a box full of these in our store room and I reckon they will last at least half a life time. I use these for winter and bad weather and they go on and on and on and on to the point I'm sick of looking at them!! Finally I'm just trying out some red Schwalbe smooth wall tyres. The idea being that you don't rub your fingers when you push. They look extremely cool being red against black, and that's me, I'm as cool as they come I can tell you!

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