Friday, August 3

The Weight Loss Plan

The diet industry is a multi million £ one, all offering the secret of a youthful lithe body, but the truth is the more you eat, the fatter you get. Therefore I would recommend the Hershon Back Pain Diet. With this particular diet plan you shed the pounds, drop the dress/shirt sizes and get to eat everything and anything you want. Its works very simply, your back pain is so severe, you cant look a meal in the face thus losing every bit of appetite you ever had. But hey its a small price to pay for those forgotten pounds. You too can have a body like Victoria Beckham without even trying. I'm the sitting proof it works and remember No pain, No gain!!!
OK to be serious here, its true, I lost weight while I was pregnant, and have lost a ton more since having Isak. The truth is I have the backside from hell (pain wise that is!!!) and I have no appetite. Today Ive eaten 3 plain sandwiches and 4 small bits of dark chocolate. Yesterday I had some roast lamb, rice and vegetables, eaten over about 3 hours. Clothes I wore before I was pregnant sort of hang unflattering on me, and I'm forever having to buy new stuff in new sizes. Its expensive and I end up giving away a pile of stuff to charity every month. Still I suppose if I have to have such a pain in the arse I might as well benefit in some way. I probably wouldnt really recommend it as a great way to lose weight though!

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