Thursday, August 2

Gravel, I love it!

The curse that is... Gravel. Its beloved by the world over. Every surface you can think of is obscured by the addition of the stuff, car parks, patios, footpaths. What really annoys me more than anything though is you phone up to find out about accessibility, are told the place you are going to has great wheelchair access, only to find 3 inches of gravel in the car park. So, anyway, that brings me to our trip to Bristol. Finally, at long last after weeks of fruitless search, I found a nice cottage near Weston Super Mare. "Ah... looks wonderful" we both cry as we gather round the PC, for it is indeed accessible..... so I go head and book, not forgetting to tick the 'wheelchair accessible box'.

An hour later I get a call, "do I need wheelchair accessible?" Hmmm am I being dim? I ticked the box so..... this means I probably need wheelchair accessible doh!!! I think to myself. I also find Im back tracking on the phone. I get irritated at this sort of thing as you can tell. Im almost apologising that I would like it wheelchair accessible which is a bit pathetic on my part. They need to check with the owner. Yes, the property is perfectly accessible, but there is 150 yards of gravel up to the door, will that be OK? Not really, I want to say, but as I'm desperate to find anywhere even half suitable I just say its OK. Its a compromise and I will have to hop up and down that path in my chair in order to get over the damn gravel, but at least they bothered to tell me. Like I said though, gravel, its a menace to society!

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